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About OHPlus

OHPlus is a comprehensive occupational health platform designed to help employers in Malaysia – including SMEs – comply with regulations and address social concerns. Our technology-driven solution provides instant access to a large pool of highly qualified occupational health professionals, and our adaptable approach ensures that your organization’s specific needs are met.
With OHPlus, you can save money compared to hiring experts, enjoy worry-free compliance, and focus on your core business while improving productivity. Subscribe to our services today and experience the benefits of an end-to-end OH solution.

Our Services

Our experience Occupational Health professional will provide guidance and advisory from employer and employee perspective

Audiometric Screening

Hearing test that conducted using air conduction (screening) for those employee exposed to noisy environment which exceeded the Noise Exposure Limit(NEL).

Audiometric Diagnostic

Hearing test that conducted with bone conduction (confirmatory) test to ascertain type of hearing loss. (Sensorineural, Mixed or Conductive hearing loss).

OHD Examination

OHD Medical Examination done for those employee with abnormal audiometry screening .(Hearing loss, Permanent Standard Threshold Shift, Hearing impairment ).

ENT/Audiologist Services

Referral by the OHD post Medical Examination done for an abnormal screening audiogram. Commonly refer for further investigation /treatment/ ruled out other causes for hearing loss (if needed).

Fitness To Work

The fit to work assessment is a part of the control measure by the company to manage their risk to/from workers arising from the job activities in relation to workers health status.

Return To Work

The return-to-work program is an assessment and recovery programs provided to employees who are due to injury or illness to restore function and should return to work early, healthy and safe.

Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance in complying with the requirements of (Use and Standard of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health) Regulations 2000.

OH Consultation

Will manage employee occupational heath requirement performance faster, accurate and comply.

How It Works

Industry Challenges

Lets Us Handle Your Hurdle And Pain

High Operating Cost

Employers spend higher cost to manage workers health and well-being by hiring non-core business professional expert in-house.

Limited Resources

The number of experience resources are very limited due to demand from large organization.

Time Consuming

There is no technology adoption caused low productivity in administrative i.e. repetitive work, analyzing, reviewing, delay in generate report, etc.

Compliance Issue

Lack of understanding of dynamic legal requirement as per OSHA standard & other related dynamic legal changes.

Our Solution

Let us handle your employee health and well-being with our Occupational Health expert. Whatever stage your company is in, we have the expertise to drive your employee well-being without geographical constrain.
You can get guidance and advisory from out multiple disciplinary teams of professional health experts including OH Doctors, OH Nurse, Ergonomics, Hygienist, Industrial psychologist and understand local regulatory requirement.

Our Team of Experts is Ready to Assist You

Our experience Occupational Health professional will provide guidance and advisory from employer and employee perspective

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